Solving Family Disputes With Integrity And Civility

Going through a divorce or any type of family law dispute is never easy. You have to make decisions that will affect you and your family's future. Obtaining legal representation from an attorney who listens to you and shares your commitment to finding the best possible outcome is important.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, attorney PJ Hartman has been practicing family law for more than 15 years. A board-certified family law specialist, she has dealt with all types of domestic relations disputes, and has built a strong track record for helping clients reach effective solutions that protect their best interests now and into the future.

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Helping Clients Resolve Conflict

At the office of PJ Hartman, LLC, we practice family law exclusively, with a special focus on helping spouses and ex-spouses resolve their disputes outside of traditional litigation. A board-certified family law specialist trained in collaborative law, PJ Hartman is a leader in New Mexico in guiding couples through a comprehensive and balanced approach to divorce.

We also stress the benefits of interest-based negotiation and mediation. PJ Hartman works to find common ground to resolve differences amicably. In both settings, clients usually find that they emerge from the process in a better place and are able to resolve future issues with their ex-spouse more effectively.

Achieving Solutions In All Aspects Of Family Law

Most divorces do not just involve signing a paper to end a marriage. Our firm can help you address every issue that you are dealing with, including:

We also stay involved with our clients after a final agreement is reached. When necessary, we can walk you through the modifications process to help adjust for changing family needs.

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